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Difference between nonLED and LED street lighting

Street and urban lighting profoundly influence both the environmental impact of every city, town, and village and the wellbeing and safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, as well as wildlife. Modern, high-quality LED street and urban lighting simply cannot be compared with the old high-pressure sodium or mercury vapour lighting it is replacing. High-class LED luminaires like those from OMS not only reduce lighting energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions by a considerable amount, they also lower maintenance costs and work, minimise light pollution, and ensure vastly superior visual acuity for all users of public spaces. High-class LED luminaires ensure low glare, even illumination that is comfortable and pleasant. Take a look at our before-and-after reference pictures. Move the central slider to one side or the other to see just how great a difference high-class LED lighting can make to the safety, appeal, and sustainability of our urban spaces.